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From Burned Out to Beloved

I was given the chance to advance read From Burned Out to Beloved by Bethany Dearborn Hiser. Friends, let me simply say this book was water on my weary soul.

As someone who chose a profession where it is easy to forgo personal health for people and mission, Hiser realized she was on the road to total burn out. I related immediately to her struggle to balance self with the demands to love and care for others. Need is so great, how can I take time to watch a movie? But no one needs our savior complexes and if we do not take care of ourselves we run the risk of hurting those we are working alongside.

Too often in books like this people write from the safety of perspective. The writer becomes a bird flying over the trenches versus someone who is in it. Hiser writes with vulnerability. She is unshielded as she relays her story. There is a rawness that is needed in a book like this. Hiser definitely feels like a journey-woman with you.

Her book is relevant and necessary right now. Much of what she offers in terms of soul care applies to wounded healers and those of us dealing with 2020 burn out. Covid, the election, family dynamics, and now winter have left many of us on empty and barely getting by. Hiser’s book is a call to lay down our heavy loads and rest.

Too often books like this fall flat on the practicals or make it sound like doing one thing will make it all better. Hiser gives tangible tips and practices for how to find rest and perspective. She also does a really brilliant job of putting the impetus for all of this back in its place.

Jesus took time to meditate and be still. He spent time with God first and even retreated from the crowds to recharge. Without God, it is on us to do it all. But when we rest, breathe, and reorientate the power structure, we are free to care for ourselves before we care for others.

I cannot highly recommend Hiser’s book enough. I have a feeling it will be one of the ones I return to again and again, I promise you, if you are willing to be still and let this book speak to you, you will find rest and recharge. If you are will to lay down the lies of busy and distraction you will be changed.

You can buy a copy of From Burned Out to Beloved here.

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