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The Next Right Thing

I have written a whole post on the Next Right Thing Podcast before. It is still a weekly staple for me, one that often leaves me in tears on the highway as God is able to break through and gently touch a nerve in my heart.

Today the Next Right Thing BOOK comes out and like the podcast it is a drink in the desert of our weary, hustled lives.

Freeman’s new book is the chance to sit with a cup of coffee and do more than strive moment to moment. It is a call back to what our souls are so hungry for – rest, space, calm, breath, God. In a million little ways it invites us to give God more than a fleeting, passing hello. Her books invites us to realizes the world will not stop if we do and that maybe the best thing we can do is show ourselves a bit of compassion and to ponder what our next right thing is.

We make thousands of decisions in our day, many without a second thought. And we are burned out. All the while we are letting the choices that matter slip beyond us. How can we decide what our next right this is if we don’t even know where we are? And how can we know where we are if we never stop to notice?

With her usual style of grace-filled honesty, Emily invites us to ponder our next right thing with the God. She is candid, real and honest. Her book feels like a conversation with a good friend. Each chapter gives a prayer and some practical steps. Her podcast is my absolute fav and her book is now on my short-list of must reads. 

Do yourself a favor, buy one for you, your mom, your sister and best friend! Stop and see how uncluttered, un-hectic, un-stressesful your life can become when you take time to figure out what is the next RIGHT thing and not just what can be done in the pressure of hustle.

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