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Record Your Small Victories Today

Do one thing everyday that scares you. ~Eleanor Roosevelt

I started writing this post about challenging myself to do one thing daily that scares me – making a phone call vs. sending an email. Saying hello to someone when all I want to do is check my phone. Running more than I think I can. Admitting I was wrong. Buying (and then wearing) that wild shirt. Going into that business that intrigues me and yet leaves me so intimidated. Admitting a desire to myself, etc. But I realized quickly it was going to fall flat mostly because my life is marked by routine and I cannot think of 10 things I could do that require courage.

A friend of mine started recording “daily delights” – little things that brighten her day. I thought this might be a good challenge, and another way to actually get a photo a day, but again, it didn’t ring true to me and so while I love reading her musings it’s not for me.

One of the changes that has come over the last few months is my stopping my “all or nothing” thinking. I tend to throw everything out the window at the slightest hint of failure. I also have extremely (unreasonable) standards for myself and when I miss them (I often do not hit them) it can send me into a spiral. I have come to see that if I keep my eyes too focused on one goal, one indicator, I often miss the dozens of things I accomplished in a day.

So instead I am asking: what did I succeed at today? What little successes, little wins, little “heck yeahs!” did I have? Too often I look at the big things or let one little bad thing define my whole day. But what went really well?

It can be something small – I finished my to do list. I wrote vs. zoning out. I ate this instead of that. I sent a letter. I picked up the house. Or it can be something big. I was kind to myself when ____ happened. I took this disappointment in stride. I met this milestone. I identified an underlying issue. I was kind when I wanted to be a jerk.

So for accountability’s sake I am going to try and list one small victory every day on my Facebook page. I will try to get a photo, or it might just be a note. I will be honest, I might end up listing several days in a row – but I want to ID one thing that went well every day.

How about you? What is your small victory today? Post a photo with #smallvictories and let’s cheer each other on and build each other up in our journeys!

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