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Pieces of Grit

The best podcast you are not listening to is Pieces of Grit by Rachel Stewart.

Rachel interviews women from every walk of life about how passion and perseverance plays out for them. It is raw and real. I swear I get a takeaway from EVERY episode. Something I am forced to mull over for the rest of the week. Nuggets that linger and come to mind later on.

I found my life coach from this podcast (ep. 4), learned about how to push through the mental blocks in running from a overly brilliant, and down to earth PhD, ultra-marathoner (ep. 11). Her interview in episode 18 about healing through trauma (which is really anything our emotions do not have the capacity to handle) gave me the courage to ask God to thaw my heart and give root to my emotions.

The simplicity of Rachel’s podcast is its strength. It feels like you are overhearing two friends get coffee and have a truly honest conversation. Rachel is chasing an idea, and that is amazing. She is in the arena friends and we all get to benefit.

You can find out more about Pieces of Grit podcast here.

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