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16 Miles

16 miles. 16 miles! David and I hit 16 miles on our hike. I could not believe it. That’s 2/3 the length of the Grand Canyon. With proper water and snacks I know we could have done more. With only 16 days until the hike (like what?!?!) I am a mixture of nerves and fear, excitement and “what did I get myself into?” But through the training process I have seen what a consistent, intentional, focused effort can do. I knew that in order to hike rim to rim in the Grand Canyon I would have to push myself, but the rewards of moving in a spirit of wholeness, of looking mind, body and spirit, of realizing this hike and all it brings and does is because of God’s faithful work in my life – it’s humbling and empowering!

I am a third of the way to my fundraising goal, with a $1000 left to raise. If you feel led, please go to the link below and help me reach my goal. I know we can do it! And that God has some incredible things in-store for those Rev Well will impact.

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